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It's Ok To Struggle

This needs to be said: it’s ok to struggle. Losing a thyroid or having one that no longer functions is a significant trauma on your body. When it is gone or stops functioning, the rest of your body must try to compensate for this precious organ that regulated so much of our bodies. Often our adrenals, sex hormones, and mineral/vitamin levels are totally thrown off and it can take quite a bit of time to get everything balanced again.

For some of us, losing our thyroids also brought many other issues to the surface, which can also derail our recovery, such as autoimmune issues. When you take all of this together, it’s absolutely amazing to take a step back and really appreciate just how freaking hard our bodies fight every single day.

Adding insult to injury, we are often faced with doctors who don’t listen, who refuse to order proper labs or consider T3 therapies that can make a huge difference. As a side note it’s really important to understand that properly dosing T3 is just as important as getting proper labs. Without that, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Sure there will always be cases where people feel great and have no issues. I wish those cases were more common, but that’s not typical. Do not beat yourself up if you do not fall into that category! Most of us don’t!!!

So please do not be surprised if you struggle along the way. Your body has been given a huge obstacle and it’s working hard to find a balance. There will be times when you are feeling great, but that balance is thrown off by normal life changes, and we just have to find a new balance. It’s a journey that can get better with the right tools and support - and that is exactly why you are all here (in the TSN support groups) and why we have these groups! Never hesitate to ask questions, vent, ask for feedback on labs- start a post and we will be there for you! We are all in this together! ❤️

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