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Is it really that easy?

It seems that during the holidays, we run as hot and cold as a cup of “hot” cocoa. One moment, we are as happy as a kid on Christmas morning with a mountain of presents with shiny red bows, only to find ourselves depressed the next moment having to clean up after the holiday frenzy of ripping open all of those gifts. Sure, it was fun for a moment, but now look at that mess! It’s amazing how quickly our emotions can swing especially when we spend the last few days of every year with the daunting task of reflecting on our lives. I know I am not alone when I admit that I often find myself yearning for such much more than I have today. I see this all of the time both in my business, and in the support groups I help run for the Thyroid Survivor Network. The fact is- it is easy to go down that road and get sucked right into the mindset of wanting, and dare I say needing, more and more. But, if we are ever going to be truly happy, it’s time we snap out of it!

Indeed, as we take stock of our accomplishments, mishaps, goals and failures at the end of each year, we often forget to stop and appreciate all that we DO have today. Sure, it would be great to make more money, drive a nicer car, or take more vacations, but the truth be told- we need to look at all that we have right this second that makes our lives more meaningful and wonderful every single day. Whether it is your health, your kids, having someone to love and love you back, those cozy sweatpants you have had since college or your favorite book that just calls your name on a rainy day, or even chocolate- the point is.. we always have something to be grateful for!

This year, having my health is the one thing I am most grateful for. I spent October and November dealing with what appeared to be mono (long story, will save that for another post). I was literally bedridden for weeks, and the smallest task literally took every bit of energy out of me. This same illness cost me dearly financially, as I was not able to work, but at the same time, it also made me appreciate (yet again) how incredibly lucky I am! I have a boyfriend and sister who literally took care of my every need, hell even my ex-husband helped out! A son who raced upstairs after school every day just to spend time with me and even hold my hand while we watched TV together. I also have been blessed with the most amazing friends who constantly checked in on me, always offered to help and even made me laugh whenever I panicked about all of the work I was missing. I needed that. It was good for my soul. And now, looking back at another year gone by, I can’t help but appreciate just how “wealthy” I truly am! You see, if we start focusing on all that we have to be grateful for, instead of all that we wished we had, our lives instantly become more fulfilled and we become happier as a result. It really is just that easy!

So for my New Year’s resolution, rather than focus on all I wished I was, or had… I am going to start each day with a grateful heart for all that I already am and have today. Sure, it sounds corny, but if it means having a happier life, I will count my blessings every single day. And just like that.. 2016 is already off to a fantastic start!

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

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