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How It All Began

I was perfectly healthy, until I wasn't.

At age 39, I was diagnosed with two forms of thyroid cancer, Papillary carcinoma and the rare form of thyroid cancer called Hurthle Cell Carcinoma.  After undergoing two surgeries just five days apart, radioactive iodine treatment ("RAI") a few weeks later, I was left with merely a shell of the body I once had.  Since losing my thyroid to cancer, I have had one health issue after another, collecting diagnoses and ailments like it's a sport.  And yet, as tough as my journey has been, I am hardly alone!

Regardless of illness, many patients feel completely misunderstood and even dismissed by our doctors and loved ones who simply don't understand how hard we fight every single day. I launched my blog to shed much needed light, understanding, and even a little humor, on what life is truly like for many patients, and to encourage everyone to become their own advocates!

So, whether you are living without a thyroid or one riddled with disease; or if you have/had cancer and are dealing with the lifelong aftermath of the disease; or if you suffer from autoimmune illnesses or other invisible illnesses that no one can see, but which is wreaking havoc on your body... I hope you walk away from my blog feeling a bit more understood and validated.  After all, you are a badass and it's about time the rest of the world saw that too!

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Living Without a Thyroid Takes Superpowers
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